When our fire academy instructor, Capt Greg Mowbray, preached of road safety and warned that vehicles will inevitably – or did he say “routinely?” – slalom through cones to cut through our emergency scene to get to where they’re going, I thought to myself, “there’s absolutely no way!  Who would do that?”  Well, it took no more than a month as a firefighter until I witnessed it myself and have seen it at least a half dozen times or more in the past 4 years. Most recently, just last week on a midnight personal injury accident call I responded to, it happened again; a pickup sped around E31 which was positioned to block eastbound Grand River, through the cones enclosing our scene, and around E30 which was blocking westbound traffic.  Fortunately, and unbeknownst to the driver, a Michigan State Police patrol car was just 50 yards behind him and immediately pursued the driver.

We beg you – please respect our emergency lights and cones the next time you approach one of our scenes then patiently wait for direction to proceed.  Take our word, we’re trying to get the road back in order as quickly as we can; we don’t like working in traffic any more than you like sitting it in your vehicle. And if you think that you’re having a bad day and running late to an appointment, take a minute to gain some perspective by considering how the victim’s day is going?  Or how my family’s day will go when Chief has to report to them that I’m also en-route to Ann Arbor in an ambulance because somebody recklessly sped through our scene.

Here are a few traffic safety tips regarding emergency vehicles that we ask you to take a minute to familiarize yourself with: