Business Owners, BAFA Subscribes to IROL

One July 2, 2012 The Brighton Area Fire Authority (BAFA) has gone on-line to receive inspection reports from service providers on various systems in your building.  The adopted fire code requires that systems such as Automatic Sprinkler Systems, Wet-Chemical Kitchen suppression systems as well as fire alarm systems be maintained in accordance with the appropriate standard.

This maintenance is required to be documented and submitted to the Fire Authority.  Business located in Genoa Township, City of Brighton, and Brighton Township should register with IROL as a business in our jurisdiction.

This is at no cost to a business owner and will be provide a central portal as well as free inspection tools to help keep your business safe.  Please advise your service providers (system maintenance companies) of this reporting change.

We know that this change will greatly increase our efficiency and provide a single point for service providers to submit their reports.  If you have any questions please contact one of our inspectors.

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