The Brighton Area Fire Authority is dedicated to providing the highest level of training for our staff. This is based on ensuring that our Firefighters can consistently meet the needs of our community as well as meeting many of the requirements that are required of the Authority through state laws, rules or standards.

The training programs that are conducted for our personnel are made up of both classroom instruction and practical activities. The programs that are developed are using the latest information and techniques from across the United States along with using a network of regional training resources locally

The training provided ranges from the following:

  • 300+ hours of basic training in our fire academy
  • Weekly departmental training
  • Company level instruction
  • Specialized team training
  • Personal development training
  • Officer level training

We currently have 5 State of Michigan certified fire service instructors, along with a vast number of training assistants that help meet the weekly goals of the training requirements. The final measurement of successful training is in delivering the most meaningful and realistic training possible that qualifies and test our personnel, but while ensuring personal safety on the training ground and emergency scenes .

It is the mission of the Brighton Area Fire Authority to provide the highest quality training, instruction and evaluation to our employees. This is intended to prepare our department to serve our community in the most efficient and effective means possible, and to ensure personal safety as we deliver this service.

Training Schedule – 1st Quarter 2016

Training Schedule – 2nd Quarter 2016

Training Schedule – 3rd Quarter 2016

The 2016 Physical Agility Schedule is:

  • 1st Quarter- Friday February 12th 2-8 and Saturday February 13th 10-2
  • 2nd Quarter- Wednesday May 18th 2-8 and Thursday May 19th 1-5
  • 3rd Quarter- Friday August 12th 2-8 and Saturday August 13th 10-2
  • 4th Quarter- Wednesday November 9th 2-8 and Thursday November 10th 1-5